Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I found an old portrait that I sketched and then painted. Funny but I just noticed how similar it is to a sketch that led me to want to be an artist.


My grandfather found an old sketchbook in his basement that had belonged to the previous owner. He gave it to me, and I must have looked at that book hundreds of times. I was twelve years old and I believe that was what made me want to draw. Funny how it's the little things that lead us to our destiny in life.

So, then I took the drawing and digitally painted the next ladies.






Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I love painting Washlines and one of my paintings of white dogwood and linens on a washline is that crisp green that reminds me of summer.

I was thrilled when I found a frame in that same green for my prints on Etsy.

And most recently they have become note cards.

If you are wonderingl where I got this dreamy background for my blog, you must visit Fairy Backgrounds. She gives us this gorgeous background for FREE.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Thank goodness for digital paints, because I can get my ideas on paper quicker than sitting at the easel.

What is it about Silhouettes, that stops me every time? I have been creating these for several weeks in between other creative projects.

I created these queens for cards, tags and an image for a new blog I call
The Diaries of Blogland, where I keep lists of magical blogs to visit and experiment with digital designs.

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