Friday, September 28, 2007

Stages of a pencil portrait

Drawing faces and hair has to be my favorite subject. My portraits usually capture the spirit of a person, instead of being realistic. When I first took classes for figure drawing my professor told me I did not see truth. As I got older and worked at my faces, I realized that I saw the truth of a person because I could draw their spirit. If that professor wanted his truth perhaps he should have taken up photography instead. At the time of his critique I was young and vulnerable. He devastasted me and shook my confidence. It wasn't until I started to work on my own and develop my own style that I became confident in my own interpretation. I want to inspire artists rather than teach them. I believe that talent is a gift from God and is as unique as our DNA.

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Kathleen said...

Karen, that is so sad about that drawing teacher of yours. Teachers need to encourage as well as correct. He must have been practically blind not to see your talent!
This is such a lovely drawing, very well done!

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