Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Think About Christmas

Watercolor and craft glitter

When I was a little girl and I had a bad dream or if I was worried about something in the middle of the night...my mother would always comfort me by saying "Karen, just think about Christmas." At about seven years old I had some difficulty with my ears. Every time I would lie down the wax in my ears would clog the canal and I couldn't hear. It was terrifying and I would call for my mohter in the middle of the night. She would come into my bedroom, prop up my pillows and show me how to lie down so that the canals of my ears would not clog. She told me everything would be all right and to think about Christmas. My mother didn't know it then but she taught me from such an early age how to change my mind. How to stare into the face of adversity, trusting that everything will be all right and while you were waiting to think about Christmas. Every year I remember we would have some poor family to help, a hayride to a Senior Center or more recently a Christmas Fair for the elderly. My sisters and I always made gifts for each other by hand. We have been raised to cherish the real meaning behind Christmas in action and deed thanks to my mother.

I love Christmas, and every year I lose myself early fall into making cards, crafts, paintings and writing about Christmas. When Christmas arrives I always feel that I have thoughly enjoyed the Holiday and it's meaning. I have started painting my Santas. They will become miniature paintings, cards and keepsakes.

I have begun my journey to Think About Christmas.

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