Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge

My friend Karen from Creativity Cake told me about The Sketchbook Challenge.

DSC_0108The project began on January 1, 2011.  Each month there is a theme.


DSC_0108This month the theme is OPPOSITES.

DSC_0108There is a wonderful group of women hosting the challenge and offering tips, tutorials, and techniques.  There are also prizes awarded from some pretty amazing sponsors.

The Sketchbook challenge blog has a wonderful post about The Sketch-In.


DSC_0108When I saw the theme for February, I knew just what I would sketch, then using ink and watercolor...

The Sketchbook Challenge, my Vintage typewriter

DSC_0108My Underwood Vintage typewriter and my Apple iPad.

The Sketchbook Challenge - My iPad

DSC_0119Little did I know when I used to type on my manual typewriter using correct-a-type...

The sketchbook challenge, working on my theme for February

DSC_0097that someday I would be working on an Apple iPad.

DSC_0108So, my entry for February OPPOSITES is...

Sketchbook Challenge Opposites

An Apple iPad and a Vintage Underwood typewriter.  If you would like to join in for sketching fun, just click HERE.

The song for this post always makes me happy, just like sketching with my paintbrush.  Mindy Gledhill sings Anchor.


Sue Bleiweiss said...

Great sketches Karen!

from Sharon said...

I am actually going to email you. Too much to say in this little box. This sketch of iPad and typewriter is brilliant...love the way you floated over two pages, the pink/black. Your sketching skill. You are so multi talented. Warmly sharon

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